Celebrating Dad on Fathers Day

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Happy Fathers Day!

There are very few moments as special as a Dad giving away his daughter on her wedding day. It’s an endearing time as a bride cherishes her relationship with her father and embraces a new chapter in her life.

The tradition of father walking his daughter down the aisle was originally a very literal giving away of his daughter. Daughters were considered their fathers property in the days of betrothals and arranged marriages that often included other property and money exchanges. Of course times have changed, but the tradition continues. It modern times it is a touching sentiment and a more symbolic giving away of care from the father to the new husband.

I figured, since it’s 2014, we could explore new traditions and ideas to incorporate Dad into a the wedding ceremony.

Wedding photos

Get creative and take tons of cute shots with dad. Look up poses online beforehand and find a seasoned photographer who will have lots of suggestions. This article on www.bridalguide.com has some great ideas:


“First look with Dad” (www.bridalguide.com)

Fun father daughter dance

When it comes to the father daughter dance, choose whatever song suits your personality and or relationship. But why not shake things up and do something different? Even if a choreographed flash mob isn’t your scene, you can still find a playful tune that showcases Dad’s hilariously embarrassing dance moves and shows off your special relationship. This article on www.offbeatbride.com has a good starter list for non-conventional father daughter dance song choices:



DIY wedding day gifts

Since emotions will be flying anyway, why not take it up a notch with touching wedding day gifts from Dad to Daughter? For an emotional and inexpensive way to show you care, print your favourite quote on nice paper and place it in a rustic frame. You and Dad exchange frames on your wedding day, or you can surprise him this a touching gift. Tip – consider doing it before you get your makeup done, or at the end of the evening. Happy tears may occur.


Recreate photos

If you’re already married and reading this just for fun, have a daughter or niece or special young girl in your life take a photo of her dancing on Dad’s toes. It is absolutely adorable to recreate in years to come.


If you have a wedding coming up, find a cute old photo of you and Dad and re stage the photo. Try to dress the same as best you can, do the same pose, in the same location etc. The comparison between then and now is very cute and nostalgic. A great idea for the groom and his dad, too!

What other new traditions are out there to celebrate Dad on your wedding day? Share in the comments section below!

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