About Us


Award Winning Designer, Stella Mazza is North America’s premiere designer of one-of-a-kind, upscale, Swarovski crystal art jewelry and beaded bouquets for women who want to make a creative statement. She has set out to make her creations available for all women to enjoy globally. She is proud of her innovative, beautiful artwork, but is most proud when they earn a satisfied customer. It is her attention to material and detail that creates a truly distinctive design for every creation.

Since her first creation, Stella has gone on to accomplishing various achievements in a relatively short amount of time. In 2007 and 2008 she garnered two consecutive awards for her designs in two different “Swarovski Crystalized Elements” competitions. Out of the nearly 300 participants from around the world, for each year she secured 5th place in Tucson, Arizona and then went on to achieve 3rd place in New York City, 2008 taking home a stunning Swarovski crystal award that now posits proudly amongst her works of art in her Corydon studio gallery.

After a couple years of developing her collection, Stella, wanting to prove her “sky’s the limit philosophy”, opted to take on an even more ambitious project. Not long after 2011’s Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, Stella set to work on a profound showpiece amongst her seemingly constant torrent of designs and creations. Over the course of a few weeks the highly prized piece made its way over to England’s new Duchess of Cambridge, and shortly after, Stella was greatly honored to receive a special letter postmarked Buckingham Palace. It was indeed a letter of great appreciation from the house of the British Monarch. The city of Winnipeg and Canada in general showed great pride in Stella’s achievement with media articles. This award winning designer and proud “Women of Distinction” nominee, is stopping at nothing to get the rest of the world to recognize her exceptional work.

"I can’t say what design medium I specialize in…I simply want to design anything and everything"