Introducing Expressions of a Woman - 2015 Spring/Summer Collection

Posted on December 30, 2014 by Stella Mazza | 0 Comments

With December coming to a close, I am so excited with what the New Year will bring for my designs. Anyone who knows me knows my wheels are always turning with my next big idea or project.

One project in particular that I'm excited to unveil, is my 2015 Spring/Summer collection of designer body chain jewelry.

This concept has been percolating for years. I started creating prototypes years ago and the concept has taken shape ever since.

From having Canadian singer-songwriter Sierra Noble wear a prototype at a performance to exploring opportunities when I was in Los Angeles, this collection has been something I’ve been excited about for a long time.

Finally I am confident this is the perfect time to debut the collection of 22 unique body chain accessories in Winnipeg.

I always knew that I didn’t want a collection that just anybody could create. Much like the other projects I’ve taken on over the years, I wanted to create something ornate, something unique. Something you can’t buy just anywhere. I wanted people to look at the collection and feel that each piece was truly a work of art.

The way I achieved this was through the mixture of intricate techniques and high quality materials. Each piece is so special because it combines an alluring combination of lead-free, nickel-free base chains and high quality Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones. The collection comes to life with interesting textures that range from plush accent feathers to hammered gunmetal.

The hours of heart, soul and hard work came to life one of the first times I saw my finished body chain jewellery on a customer. She was admiring one of the pieces, but wasn’t sure she had an outfit to wear with it. She was wearing an adorable little black dress under her blazer, which was absolutely perfect to complement the body chain jewellery. As soon as she put the piece on over her dress, her entire being changed. From head to toe she was radiant, it draped over her like a glove made just for her. Seeing what was once simply ideas in my head for so many years in living colour on a smiling customer made all the challenges of creating this collection worth it. Experiences like this inspire me to make this collection the best it can be.

I am delighted to finally debut this exclusive collection on my website an other retailers throughout Canada


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